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Content Rocrail Server Configuration

Read also the Rocweb Wiki page for more details.

  • Note: Depending on the OS (eg Windows) absolute paths are required.



If set greater then zero the WebClient Service will be activated.
Advised is to use port 8080 or 8088.
:!: This port number should not be equal to the HTTP Service Port.


Path where the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files can be found.
See for more details the Rocweb Setup.


In newer Rocrail revisions the Rocweb path should be:


Image path

The image path for loco images is used as define here:


SVG symbols, requested by the RocWeb are searched in the themes from 1 to 5; The first hit will be used.
Only themes with the standard symbol sizes are supported. The 'DB' theme for example can only be partly used.


In newer Rocrail revisions the themes can be found in:

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