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Virtual Automatic

ContentAutomatic Mode

This is an exclusive goody to supporters of the project, who have a valid Support Key installed.

The Virtual Automatic Mode is NOT usable for testing functionality but only for checking the train flow.
The Virtual Automatic Mode is NOT suited for continuous operation.
The Virtual Automatic Mode is NOT supported in the Forum.
The Virtual Automatic Mode generates "enter2in" for each sensor, the actual sensors are not evaluated.

How it works

A train can be started in three modes:

  • Automatic
  • Half automatic
  • Virtual automatic

The first two can only be used with real hardware connected or by manually clicking on sensor objects in the track plan.


The virtual mode only needs the virtual command station and will generate an enter2in for the block expecting this train. The defined block sensors are ignored inclusive the linked actions.

  • Do not place the train on the tracks if real hardware is connected; This mode can be used to check routes and signals without trains.
  • The loco runtime counter is disabled in this mode.
  • Not all actions are triggered.
  • When testing schedules or tours first a schedule/a tour has to be assigned to a locomotive ("Schedule/Tour select …"), the auto mode has to be switched on and then command "Start all locs virtuel" has to be set.

The timer between the virtual enter2in events can be set in the Rocrail Automatic Setup.

Demo video

  • i.ytimg.com_vi_6vvujeswva8_2.jpg
  • i.ytimg.com_vi_s_owaym0dhg_2.jpg

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