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Wagon Details



Main type of the car: Freight or Passenger.

Commuter train

Used in context of trains; If the loco does not have the commuter flag set it checks the assigned train for a commuter flag.


Specification of the main type.


  • boxcar
  • gondola
  • flatcar
  • reefer
  • stockcar
  • tankcar
  • wellcar
  • hopper
  • caboose
  • autorack
  • autocarrier
  • logdumpcar
  • coilcar


  • coach
  • lounge
  • dome
  • express
  • dinner
  • sleeper
  • baggage
  • postoffice


Scale length of the car in the same units as used for block and loco lengths.
See Train for use of this parameter.


Weight in tons.
The left number is the empty weight and the right one is the loaded weight.
See Adjust acceleration for use of this parameter.

Manufacturer ID

Free text for the manufacturer identifier.

Max. km/h

Used by the locomotive to which this train has been assigned in case set greater then zero.
The lowest of all train cars, greater then zero, will be used.
See also: Train Max. km/h.


Era Period (Approx.) Description
I 1870-1920 Country & Private Railways
II 1920-1945 The Period after the formation of large state railways
III 1945-1970 The new organization of European railroads
IV 1968-1985 Standardized computer lettering on all rolling stock & locos
V 1985-2000 The modern era of railroading
VI 2000-*


Free text to make some notes.

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