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Add a new locomotive to the list.


This will open a selection dialog.1)

Delete the selected locomotives. With the Undo dialog it can be retrieved in the same session.


Opens the default HTML browser to show a listing of all locomotives for printing.
See also: Reports


Make a copy of the selected locomotive. The original ID is extended with "(copy)".


Import all or the selected locomotives from another layout file.
Advice: Disable the LocoWidgets before importing to speed up the processing.

Guest import

Import locos as guest which will be removed at shutdown.


This will open a selection dialog.2)

Export all or the selected locomotives into a separate XML file.

Restore functions

Restores the state of all functions saved from the previous session.
This will be activated after the first global power on.
If the right checkbox is set this will be activated after each global power on.

Restore speed

Restores the speed and direction, in case > 0, saved from the previous session.
This will be activated after the first global power on.
:!: Use this option only if the layout controls the flow of trains instead of the automatic control of Rocrail!


Show in the Loco tab; unused loco's can be set hidden to keep the list as short as possible.
If a loco has this state it can not be used in automatic mode.
The table and/or the header background color will change to yellow if there are hidden loco's:3)


To deactivate or to activate the automatic mode of this loco.
This state is shown in the show column with a plus for activated and a minus for deactivated.


Prevent starting the loco on "Start all locos".


Send the decoder information to the Command Station.
Supported Command Stations:

  • Ecos
    • The Synchronise option must be activated.
    • Creates the loco if not already exists with the name(ID), address and decoder protocol.
    • Modifies the address and decoder protocol if the loco is known by ID.
    • Modifies the name(ID) if the loco is known by address.
  • IntelliBox
    • p50x compatible Command Stations
Depending on the wxWidgets version the table background color will not change.
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