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Rocview Path



This Workspace will be opened at startup if the following option is set.

Use workspace at startup

If this option is actaivated the default Workspace will automatically opened at startup.

Control/Slave Code

Ask for the Control and Slave code for the opened WorkSpace.

Image path

Images are searched here. If not found a request is send to the Rocrail Server.
Note: Rocview uses the image found at its local path. To actualise an image from the server side it has to removed from this path first.

XSL path

Location to look for documentation stylesheets.

Decoder path

Used for:

Speak for block

Comma separated list of block ID's for executing the speak command for dynamic text updates.
An "*" can be used as place holder for all blocks.
The screen shots shows "2", so only text updates for block ID "2" will be spoken.
Just extend the list like this: "2,5,6". And the client will speak for block "2", "5" and "6".

Speak command

The speak command for dynamic text updates. This command will be executed on the client (the machine where Rocview is running) when a text object is updated by a block listed in 'Speak for block'. The updated text is appended as parameter. For examples for scripts see Text->Speak to me.

To have the dynamic text spoken on the server see Text->Actions

Direction image

Optional direction images to be used in the loco tab throttle.
The file names must be defined complete (name.extension).
File location: image_path
File format: PNG with transparent background.

Booster UID

The status bar can only show one booster.
In case the system has more boosters this Unique ID can be used to select the wanted booster load in the status bar.

@Box WEB

The WEB search engine URL for the @Box.
The Combobox provides the following engines:

  • Google
  • Ecosia
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Yahoo
  • Bing



The URL for the Wiki Help links.

See: Dialog Help

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