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Centrales numériques supportées

Library FADA¹ PADA² Controller(s) Description Status PT POM
barjut N N BarJuT Barcode Detection Barcode Dectection from EJuRaT tested - -
ddx svn3010 svn3112 DDX Use Linux or Windows PC to generate digital output, read S88 and read/program DCC-decoders tested Y Y
dinamo N N Dinamo v3.0 RM51 Analog and DCC with the Dinamo System. Test-Case tested - -
mcs2 N N Märklin Central Station 2 (Märklin Website) Central Station 2 (10/2008) with color screen under development - -
ecos N N eCos Controller (ESU Website), Märklin Central Station (Märklin Website) ECoS ESU Command Station and Märklin Central Station tested Y
hsi88 N N High Speed Interface-88 Littfinski Daten Technik its fast s88 bus. tested - -
inter10 N N LDT LDT INTER-10 TrainDetect with RFID untested - -
lenz svn2664 svn3158 Lenz LI100/LI100F en LI101, OpenDCC, Hornby Elite Lenz eXpressNet. tested Y Y
loconet svn2658 svn3019 Digitrax LocoNet locobuffer, IntelliBox in LocoNet mode and LbServer. tested Y Y
om32 N N Dinamo OM32 serial Digitale outputs with OM32-serial. untested - -
opendcc p50x p50x OpenDCC Open source DCC Command Station. Support for extended p50x commands and setup. tested Y Y
p50 N N Märklin 6050/51 Märklin protocol also useable with EDiTS (not Pro), IntelliBox, Tams, DIGITAL-S-INSIDE. tested N -
p50x svn2662 svn3471 IntelliBox (TWIN-Center, OpenDCC, Tams, MrDirect, DIGITAL-S-INSIDE, DiCoStation) IntelliBox protocol from Uhlenbrock. tested Y Y
roco Y N - RocoNet tested Y Y
slx N N SLX825 Selectrix PC interface tested N -
srcp N N Simple Railroad Command Protocol 0.8 en 0.7 Open Source protocol which is used in DDL/ DDW project. (erddcd, srcpd) tested Y Y
zimo N N Zimo MX1 Zimo ASCII protocol. (sensor reading not possible) tested Y -

svnXXXX refers to the version number in Subversion source code repository when the feature was added.
¹) Flat Accessory Decoder Address
²) Port Accessory Decoder Address

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