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Rocrail Daily News 2011

CAN-GC7: Fast Clock


  • Date: 08-12-2011
  • Revision: 214
  • Page: CAN-GC7

A fast clock for the CANBUS.

Turntable actions

Actions added to the turntable object for playing sounds and so on.

Hiding panels in Rocview

  • Date: 04-12-2011
  • Revision: 3098
  • Page: View menu

Some additional support for Multiple Rocview instances.


  • Date: 18-11-2011
  • Revision: 3051
  • Page: Tours

If a Schedules is not long enough, just take a Tour.

Loco view filter

For those lucky guys with hundreds of trains… 8-)



  • Date: 22-10-2011
  • Revision: 180
  • Page: CAN-GC3

The CANBUS DCC Command Station will be available soon. All tests were positive during the las weeks.
The CAN-GC3 makes the CANBUS solution complete. No need to invest in malfunction expensive commercial hardware any more; Time has come to run at CAN speed.
Professional boards & kits are available.

CAN-GC1/2 Firmware


The firmware for the CAN-GC1 and CAN-GC2 has been improved and heavily tested at a maximum CAN through put.
Professional boards & kits are available.

CAN-GC2 Setup

The firmware for the CAN-GC2 is ready including a dedicated setup panel.

andRoc Loco list


Added a loco list with images for selecting in the throttle and block dialog.

andRoc Traverser support

Added support for traversers, transfer tables, to the turntable object in andRoc.

Traverser support

Added support for traversers, transfer tables, to the turntable object.


  • Date: 31-07-2011
  • Revision: -
  • Page: -

I proudly announce the official Rocrail unique manufacturer ID assigned by NMRA: 70.
Mainly used for CANBUS hardware developed by Peter Giling. CANBUS-GCA

Draai15 support

  • Date: 26-07-2011
  • Revision: 2775
  • Page: d15

Support for the 'Draai15' (K.Moerman) turntable controller is added.
Testing is not completely finished but experimental using it is encouraged.


  • Date: 24-07-2011
  • Revision: 2761
  • Page: CANBUS

Today the CANCMD, CANBUS Command Station, is supported so running locos is reality.
All needed functionality is tested to get a layout running in automatic mode with Rocrail and CANBUS.

CANBUS FLiM Node Setup

A FLiM node setup dialog is added as a general solution for configuring CANBUS nodes.

Write access by code

The new optional "Control code" can be used to manage client write access.


  • Date: 21-06-2011
  • Revision: 2661
  • Page: CANBUS

The setup dialog for CANBUS is added. But… CANBUS support is still WIP! ;)


  • Date: 11-06-2011
  • Revision: -
  • Page: CANBUS

Support for the CANBUS system is started. Rocrail is now official member of MERG to be able to get test hardware.

andRoc Smooth Zooming

  • Date: 06-06-2011
  • Revision: 276+
  • Android version: 1.5+

Smooth zooming implemented. The magnifier tool remains visible for zooming faster to a wanted size.

andRoc Module View

  • Date: 04-06-2011
  • Revision: 274+
  • Android version: 1.5+

Many fixes applied for multi-layer and modular layout view. Also some fixes for zooming issues and throttle speed.

andRoc 1.4.266+ Small Throttle Option


  • Date: 03-06-2011
  • Revision: 266+
  • Android version: 1.5+

The "Small Throttle" option is added, which is default activated, to make it possible to use the entire screen.

andRoc 1.4.262+: Function Text


  • Date: 02-06-2011
  • Revision: 262+
  • Android version: 1.5+

Function text added in the throttle view.

andRoc EBreak and extra Fun

  • Date: 01-06-2011
  • Revision: 258+
  • Android version: 1.5+

An Emergency Break option is added in the throttle view by pressing th "FG" long.
Also function group 5 is added; F29 and F30 are disabled.

andRoc 1.4.254+: Zoom zoom zoom


  • Date: 30-05-2011
  • Revision: 254+
  • Android version: 1.5+

Layout zooming is added to support big fingers and big layouts. ;)

andRoc 1.4.250+: Wide screen


  • Date: 28-05-2011
  • Revision: 250+
  • Android version: 1.5+

andRoc is trimmed for large display support. The look&feel differs from previous versions:

  • the start view is the layout now instead of the throttle view
  • all other views, including the throttle view, are shown in dialog style

Rocrail Client Service Port 8051

  • Date: 24-05-2011
  • Revision: 2618
  • Page: IANA

I proudly announce the official Rocrail Client Service port: 8051. As from now the default is set to this port number if none is specified in the rocrail.ini and rocview.ini.

20110524.075858.755 r9999I main     OClntCon 0558 ClientConnection started on port 8051.

andRoc Signals

  • Date: 21-05-2011
  • Revision: 234, 235
  • Page: andRoc

The two aspect main, the distant and the shunting signal are added to andRoc.

andRoc Text Object

  • Date: 20-05-2011
  • Revision: 231
  • Page: andRoc

The Text object, for displaying text, is added in andRoc.

RocNet Setup Dialog

  • Date: 20-05-2011
  • Revision: 2614
  • Page: RocNet

A setup dialog is added for configuring the RocNet connection.

Signal command time

Optional wait time in ms between commands as work around for some command stations and decoders not capable to process 2 or more commands within a very short period of time.

Turntable scaling

The turntable can be scaled from 2 to 5 grid boxes in diameter.The picture shows the a Turntable in size 2 on a Mobil client.

xPressNet V2

Support added for older Lenz command stations with firmware version 2.x.

User Scripts

The only thing new about scripting is the fact that it is now documented; Rocrail scripting has been available from the early beginnings of the project.

Startup schedule

This optional ID is for trains running always the same schedule and save setting it by hand.

Route synchronization

  • Date: 13-05-2011
  • Revision: 2603
  • Page: Automode

Force setting one route at a time, regarding the synchronizing timeout, to reduce power consumption and switch decoder overload with multiple outputs.

SRCP Client Support

Fixes and improvements by Lothar. A demonstration of this service will be on 14-05-2011 in Speyer.

Turntable MGV145 Support

The new MGV145 stepmotor controller has 6 bits for selecting the track number. The newly added bit is optional to ensure compatibility with existing controllers.

New Firmware for MGV101

Thanks to the commitment of Fred and son we have now a 100% functional firmware based on UDP-Multicasting. Peter and I have done also some heavy testing and are very pleased with it.

Switch Control

The last used IID and module number is saved in the rocview.ini to recycle in the current and next sessions until it is changed.

Local IP for LNUDP

This option was already implemented for a few weeks or so, but the Windows implementation did not work. After many tries and errors I found today in Internet a tip which I would never had guessed.
Apparently the linked Windows socket library, wsock32.lib, does not support this option and must be replaced with the ws2_32.lib… Now it works. Please report if any side effect is detected.
→ 06-05-2011: It is tested and reported as OK. Tnx to Fred.

MGV136 Setup

The last used servo setup IID is saved in the rocview.ini to recycle in the current and next sessions until it is changed.

SRCP Service

New features

  1. support locos with light and any number of functions between 0 and 28 Exclamation
  2. bugfixes in session handling
  3. support some more commands (especially requests) by clients
  4. support for pyControl clients (part of srcpd)

MGV136 Setup

The last used servo setup addresses and ports are saved in the rocview.ini to recycle in the current and next sessions until it is changed.

DB Theme Extended


The DB is extended with missing symbols and got some color update. Tnx to the effort of ChrisB.

Extra functions in Loco throttle

The loco throttle dialog is extended with a "FG" button to switch between F1-F12 and F13-F24.

Track Symbols

  • Date: 07-04-2011
  • Revision: 2538
  • Page: Tracks

User defined track symbols by SVG number. First general available are some bridge symbols in the Accessory Theme.


To be able to get informed about a Rocrail server running day in, day out, this SNMP extension can help administrating it.

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