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Functionality Index

This page is an attempt to create an index for some functions in Rocrail.
For example: if you have a question about Running in Automatic Mode, this page attempts to link all the Automatic Mode related articles from the Wiki.

Test Plan

Testing a plan from another user

1. Copy the new plan in a folder for example: C:\Rocrail\Test
This Test plan heeft 2 sensors per block. Sensors in a Block
2. start Rocrail
3. Select the test plan: File→Open Workspace find folder created in step 1. Here C:\Rocrail
4. Set a loco in a block. If the arrow is to the right then loco will go right, if that is not the direction you want to go then right mouse click in the block of the loco and select "swap placing", now the loco will go left.
5. automode on, right mouse click in the block and choose "start locomotive".
6. loco starts, the next block turns yellow. click on the first sensor encountered, (this is the ENTER sensor), now the block turns blue (click again on ENTER sensor to reset the sensor).
7. click on the next sensor (IN sensor for block), block turns red (the previous block is now white (available for another loco)). (click again on IN sensor to reset the sensor).
8. Continue to the next block and repeat steps 6 and 7.


Automatic Sequence

Options in Rocrail that sequences automatic operation.

1. Set Route (maybe 20 milliseconds)
Rocrail Properties: Route Switch Time

2. Set Turnouts (Switches) (maybe 250 ms)
Rocrail Properties: Turnout Switch Time

3. Set Signals to Green (maybe 1 sec)
Rocrail Properties: Semaphore Switch Time
Rocrail Properties: Signal Switch Time

4. Use Station Announcements (Optional)
Use Actions or XML to provide function.

5. Locomotive Blows Horn/whistle (Optional)
Use Actions or XML to provide function.

6. Train Departs (default 1 sec)
Loc Details: Loc Start
Block General: Depart Delay

7. Set Signal back to Red (maybe 2 sec)
Rocrail Properties: Signal Reset

How to use BBT

Options in Rocrail that allows the precise stopping of a train.

BBT: Overview
BBT: Select

The Proper approach:
– Set number of steps to 16.
– Teach BBT for block X until the stop is exactly at the IN sensor, shortly before the IN the speed should go to 0 (V0), if so then BBT is taught. (What you want is a gradually deceleration from the Enter (sensor) to the IN (sensor)).
– Now in the BBT screen (bottom left) check 'fixed' and check 'center train' (if you want to center the train), likewise in the Lok parameter check 'centered hold'.

BBT in Block: Select
BBT in Block: Center train

The trains stay centered without having to manually manipulate the data. If you now want to move this centered stop-point, use offset at the respective block.
BBT in Block: Change the offset

Train operations:
Train Operations: Change the Center With or without the locomotive length included.


Options in Rocrail where length impacts operations.
Note: Train Length overrides Loco length.

Loc: General

Block: General

Railcar: General

Rocrail Properties: Automatic

Route: Permissions


Staging Block length

No destination found

Error message in Rocrail that impacts running in Automatic mode.
To see these Trace details, the User-Trace-Level "Automatic" and "Information" needs to be checked. (File → Rocrail Properties → Trace)

The *.trc file states: "Trains do not fit".
The *.trc file states: "Block [xy] is not electrified; E-Loco [z] can not use it."
Locomotive is defined as Electric: Loc: Details, but the block does not have Catenary: Block: General
The *.trc file states: has no permission to use route [ZZZ]; only with schedule is allowed or only with random is allowed.
Route: Permissions.

The *.trc file states: "Block "XXX" is too short for "Loco YYY"; LocoLen=160 + MinOverLen=5 > BlockLen=160".
Length of a Block: Block: General is shorter than the length of the Train: Loc: General, which is Added to the minimum Train Length: Rocrailini: Automode.
Train length of [YYY] not set for stage [XXX_ZZ]. Check the length of the loco, it should have a length > 0, before it is allowed in a Staging Block.

See also: Trains:

The *.trc file states: "Loc [YYY] has no permission to enter block [XXX]"
The *.trc file states: "block [XXX] for (Loc) [YYY] does not fit" Check "Include" Permission table to see if loc YYY is not in the column.
Check if there is a blank loc in the "include" Permission table, by including a loc, to delete select blank and delete the entry.
Check the Loc permissions: Block: Permissions.

The *.trc file states: "Loc [YYY] has no permission to use route [ZZZ]"
Check "Include" Permission table to see if loc YYY is not in the column.
Check if there is a blank loc in the "include" Permission table, by including a loc, to delete select blank and delete the entry.
Check the Loc permissions: Route: Permissions.

Check if a Route: Route: General exist for both blocks ("TO" and "FROM").
Check the direction of the Arrow in the Block: Direction, it needs to point towards the "TO" block. If the direction arrow in the block does not point to the direction desired, right-click the loco ID on the loco panel and select Swap block enter side: Block Enterside

After editing Loco names it is important to verify that the "Include" and "Exclude" Permissions in the Routes, are also updated to reflect the new names. If not "No destination found" messages can occur.

Schedules and Tours

Speed in Auto Mode

Options to influence the turnout switch time

Additional options to slow the train departure


Options in Rocrail that impacts the waiting of a train.

Block: Overview Find "wait"
Block: General
Block: Details

Loc: Details Find "wait"

Wheel counting

Influence layout functionality with Actions or XML

Modular Layout

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